Handsome handyman fucks beautiful naked girl in her new villa

A beautiful teen babe Caprice just recently got her hands on a huge inheritance. She’s used to spending big digits on luxury homes, but what she’s even more used to is having a steady supply of big hard dicks around. She’s a little short on that at the moment. Sunbathing completely naked by the pool, she suddenly realizes that there is someone nearby. It’s a handyman from the maintenance company checking the roof. Is Caprice more embarrassed that she was caught sunbathing in the raw, or at her reaction? And is she more of an exhibitionist than she realized? Later she calls to the maintenance company and lies about having a problem in her mansion. She demands they send him over to her place. Before even getting to ask her what the problem is, the girl strips and gives him her sweet, inviting stare. He calls her crazy as she starts kissing him. The gorgeous naked girl takes off his working uniform. She takes away all of his tools except for one and takes him to the pool. Caprice gets him nice and wet with her mouth, sucking and licking his amazing big hard dick. Then the sexy girl gets on top of him as he’s lying down. She spreads her legs wide and rubs her wet pussy onto him. The guy enters her pussy and makes her ride his dick and cum all over his cock. After tossing her around on his dick in several positions, he plows her in missionary until he feels he’s close to cumming. The naked girl moans and wraps her legs around his waist, “Cum inside me!” she begs. Her legs are shaking while she uses them to pull him deep into her. He pours his load in her, she tenses and screams, “Ahhh! I’m cumming!” Hell yes!! Little Caprice with a creampie, it can’t get any better. She might be a little selfish, but she wants more cum, this time she wants him to cum in her mouth. She makes the working guy fuck her from behind until he empties his load inside her mouth. “Thank you for your services,” she says in a voice muffled by the cum. This babe is perhaps the most beautiful girl in the world. All the stars during the Oscars pale against her beauty.

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