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The bartender fucks a sexy phenomenal stripper before the start of her show

A hot brunette who works as a stripper in a bar came to work early. To get in the mood before the show, she decided to have a little fun with the bartender. Revealing her big tits in front of the guy was enough for him to accept her proposal. The svelte beauty got on the bar table and spread her legs in front of him, exposing her naked cunt. The guy began licking her shaved pussy, kissing her clit and playing with her anus. When his cock got erect, the naked woman got down on her knees and began to blow him. Swallowing almost his entire shaft, she massaged his balls with her hand, making him even more inflamed. ​They moved into the private room, and she immediately jumped on his hard dick, riding him in a cowgirl position. Her big hard ass shook as he penetrated deep into her tight hole. Kissing her big tits that were in front of his nose, the girl got dangerously horny and started moaning loudly like a real slut. And when he started slapping her ass, she experienced an incredible orgasm. The naked stripper positioned herself in a doggy position and told him to drill her pussy now so that she always remembers this fucking. The guy obediently started to insert his big cock into her. He picked up the pace while slapping her tight ass again. ​He held her tightly by the hips, not letting her move, and she completely surrendered to him. She started to turn him on with her dirty talk, and the guy couldn’t hold on much longer either. He pulled out his cock while she immediately began to blow him, her hand holding his swollen balls. He finished soon, filling her mouth with his cum. In the evenings, when her show was on, they looked at each other with smiles, keeping their sweet secret.

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