While our parents were out of town my lewd stepsister wants to new sex experiment

As I enter my stepsister’s room my eyes can’t believe what they’re seeing. My own stepsister wearing a blindfold and a ball gag completely naked with her legs spread across the bed. I contemplate whether or not to go near her, but before I even do she removes her blindfold and is shocked to see me staring at her perfect body. It turns out she’s been waiting for her boyfriend like that. She notices me staring at her beautiful pussy, and I get a bit ballsy so I begin gently rubbing her. Despite being confused as to how she should feel, she lets me stroke her thighs and get closer to her trimmed pussy. I find out she’s been trying to experiment sexually, so I offer her my helping hand whilst tenderly grazing over her clit. Even though we’re both enjoying it, we stop and leave our own separate ways. The day after I jump downstairs into the kitchen for breakfast, only to see my beautiful blonde stepsis once again. Things are awkward at first, but she does admit she liked it and that she’s been thinking about it. As I slowly lift up her top, I see her perky tits pointing at me just begging to be fondled. It doesn’t take long for her to notice my bulge, so this time my stepsister wants to be the one to rub me. I watch her drop to her knees and the second she pulls out my throbbing cock her eyes light up. Without wasting a second she starts stroking me and slowly presses her lips against the tip. The longer she licks me, the deeper her mouth covers my meat, and within minutes she’s basically deepthroating every inch of it. The thought of getting phenomenal head from my naughty stepsis gets in my head, and I quickly bust the thickest nut I’ve ever released out of my shaft. After realizing what I’ve done, I go to my bedroom and pretend like nothing ever happened, and she does the same. Some time passes, and seeing how our parents aren’t coming home for a few more days I go to confront her in her bedroom. We agree that what we’re doing is taboo, so we make a promise to keep it a secret but experiment further with our bodies. We quickly strip and she gets me rock hard by showing off her amazing blowing skills as I make her twat wet with my fingers. She climbs on top of me and starts rubbing her wet lips and her clit the length of my throbbing cock. It feels incredible! Then her hand guides my cock into her pussy and slowly she moves down onto it. Placing her hands on my chest she starts grinding her clit into my pubic bone. The view of her perky titties are incredible. We’re so excited that we switch from cowgirl to doggy style and missionary every so often, but our antics don’t last long. After watching her shiver from my intense thrusts, I pull out and shoot my hot load all over my stepsister’s pretty face and watch her eagerly catch it.

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