Anal hungry babe can’t concentrate in study unless her mom’s boyfriend fulfill her desire

No matter how much homework Alex Grey has, she can’t concentrate at all until her sexual needs are fulfilled. While gently sucking off her highlighter she makes sure it’s covered in spit before shoving it up her tight tush. She is almost there when she begins caressing her anus with her highlighter. Unfortunately, her anal fun is swiftly interrupted by the sound of her mom barging in to talk. She manages to hide her new anal toy and talk to her about her new boyfriend, who she really wants to get closer to. Soon she sneaks into her mom’s bedroom to spy on his muscular body. Instead of going back to masturbating and studying, Alex decides to sneak into the bathroom and rub herself while watching him showering. She successfully does so without anyone noticing and gets a good look at his huge throbbing manhood before getting in their bed. Without hesitation, she grabs his underwear and pillow to grind her wet pussy on it in hopes of cumming, but once again her mother can be heard in the distance. Within seconds of walking out of the shower he sees her naked ass poking out of the sheets, so he thinks quickly on his feet and hides it with his body. The moment his wife leaves, he grabs her cute little ass and gives both of her quivering holes a passionate lick. Despite her being his girlfriend’s daughter, he’s too excited not to thrust deep inside her young cunt from behind. While doing so he makes sure to finger her asshole to get her ready for an intense anal session. Thankfully, Alex has been practicing anal for some time now and is more than ready for his huge meat to start banging her. Naked girl spreads her ass cheeks wide open with her hands, feeling the tip of his hard manhood between her buttocks. She begins to moan as the round head of his penis pops into her tight anus. He raises the tempo pounding balls deep into her pink asshole again and again until she ius shaking and squirming from an anal orgasm. Instead of focusing on one hole, he takes turns plowing both as she rubs her clit and moans uncontrollably. To get a better look at the erotic blonde he turns the naked girl around and spreads her soft legs apart for missionary. The sight of her mom’s mature boyfriend using her ass pushes her over the edge and she quickly starts to shiver and orgasm. Although she came, his schlong is still rock hard, so she tastes her juices off of it during the deep throat and continues. Despite being exhausted, she manages to straddle him and ride for a few minutes, but he’s so big and strong that her legs are starting to give out. Being the thoughtful man that he is, he holds her bubble butt and pumps her from the bottom until she gets yet another quivering orgasm. Seeing the babe squirm from joy and the intense drilling almost pushes him over the edge, but he’s still full of energy and is aching to hammer her from behind again. The deeper he thrusts himself in her sweet fanny, the tighter she squeezes his rod to make him cum. Her plan works perfectly since within a couple of pumps he swiftly pulls it out of her to nut. Although she hears her mom return, Alex still drops to her knees to taste his load.

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