Sad broke up dark haired beauty gets help from hot teen babe and her stepdad

Scarlett’s best friend, Queenie recently found out that her boyfriend was cheating, and they broke up. The girls are chilling in Scarlett’s bedroom and Scarlett tries to make her feel better. Scarlett’s stepdad walks in and starts comforting Queenie too. Their household is a place of love, support, and free sex. The girls aren’t even remotely surprised when the man whips out her tits and starts sucking on them. He does this in front of her grieving friend. He squeezes and sucks them gently and looks sympathetically into Queenie’s eyes. As the girls think about who could be Queenie’s new boyfriend, he lies on the bed with his pants down. He’s okay with his stepdaughter suggesting new guys for her friend as long as she puts his dick in her mouth. “What about Craig? ” Scarlett asks Queenie in between the slurps and gags. He suggests some guys for her as well. After that, he stands up on the bed and begins comforting her with his dick in her mouth. She’s casual about it, her dark hair waving about as she gives head. She listens and talks when she’s not choking on the dick. He is concerned about her, but he’s also worried about his stepdaughter not getting enough cock. So, he moves back to Scarlett’s mouth and fucks it while standing up. Spit drips out of her mouth, on her chin, and down on her top. The following day, the girls are playing cards in their pajamas. Scarlett’s stepdad comes around and teaches them a new game. He doesn’t want to play the card game but to ensure they’re having fun. As Queenie loses a card game, he goes behind her and pulls down her bottoms. He puts his dick inside her pussy as she’s on all fours bitching about the fact that she lost another round. He fucks her sweet ass to make her feel better. He does the same for his stepdaughter after a while. After all, he doesn’t want to be a bad stepdad. He bangs Scarlett in doggy like a champ. The fucking is so good that she can’t concentrate on the game anymore. So, he makes her ride him so that she can control the card game and the fucking. The naked girls can’t get enough of this game, but he has had enough. He lays the babes both down on the floor and takes turns fucking them missionary until he cums all over their faces.

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