Design colleague helped teen babe to follow her passion and gave an orgasm to remember

Once she got her design diploma, this teen babe was eager to apply and work for her favorite brand designer. Thanks to her amazing eye for detail, it didn’t take long for her to get accepted for her dream job. On top of doing what she loves, Marie also works with phenomenal colleagues whom she simply adores. Things get flirty real quick when she’s alone with her hot coworker, and within minutes of chatting, they start feeling naughty. While rushing to the bedroom they strip and he eagerly lays her stunning petite body onto the bed for him to enjoy. The delightful babe seductively spread her legs as he kissed her soft lips and eventually her sensitive nipples. As he rubbed her clit, he felt how wet her perfect pussy was and had to have a taste of it. All the sexy naked girl could do from that point was moan and let him use her as he pleases. He slowly started licking her cute ass until he saw her snatch slightly quiver. Knowing that she was close to cumming, he thrust in his fingers and began vigorously fingering her until she squirted on the bed! She was desperate to make him feel good as well, so she pushed him on his back and started teasing his manhood. Her soft lips and pierced tongue grazed on his throbbing cock with passion. Feeling his hot rod in her mouth urged the naughty babe to push it deeper into her throat and prepare it for her twat. Seeing the cute chick gobble down on his shaft made him unable to control his urges, so he quickly switched behind her. Within a few deep and intense thrusts in doggy style, he felt her insides starting to tighten. Without stopping the pounding he made her squirt again and watched as her shaking body fell flat on her belly. Once she’s managed to catch her breath, she was aching to return the favor in cowgirl. As the babe began bouncing on top of his thick dick, she couldn’t believe that her tight slit could take every inch of him. Despite the size difference, she kept on gyrating her hips and moving vigorously to satisfy his needs. Although she tried making him nut, her sensitive sugar walls couldn’t help but orgasm and squirt again. Despite being completely exhausted, her determination to make him cum gave her the strength to continue getting dicked down. Since her legs have given up and she can’t ride him, the girl decided it’s best to spread wide open and let him thrust as deep as he wants. The two stare into each other’s eyes with pure passion and intensity as they bang harder than ever before. Fuck yes, pound that juicy pussy! Her pussy just kept squirting with each his thrust! No matter how much he tried to keep his composure, he couldn’t handle watching the gorgeous hottie bounce and moan without control, orgasming hard all over him. Her legs were shaking and her pussy was squirting non-stop! After a few minutes of plowing and giving the cutie another squirting orgasm, he pulled out and sprayed his load all over her face as she kept her mouth open to taste it. Totally hot as fuck. I don’t know what’s the biggest turn on: she is grinding cowgirl, body shaking orgasms that JUST DON’T QUIT, impressive squirting all the time! Some of HARDEST fucking I have ever seen.

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