Two lesbians turn straight by huge dick gardener

Despite being in a lesbian relationship, Scarlit and Maddy get quite competitive when it comes to gaming. As the girls lay side by side in the living room and game, they try to do whatever it takes to distract one another. Just when Maddy is about to win Scarlit yanks off her shorts and starts eating her wet white pussy passionately. Things get heated as the lesbians wrap their arms around each other and kiss viciously while stripping off their tight clothes. Once their stunning bodies were fully exposed the naked girls couldn’t help but want to scissor vigorously. As they started grinding their sweet slits began twitching, but the sound of the doorbell ringing unfortunately ruined all of their naughty fun. The black cutie quickly rushes to the door to investigate and it turns out that the gardener was supposed to come and work. She lets him inside and he goes to the backyard to finish up the job. Scarlit looks around the living room and notices her girlfriend’s not around, so rather than wait for her to return she grabs her VR headset to fool around some more. After putting on some raunchy porn she begins rubbing her clit and moaning out loud, which alerts the gardener in the backyard. He slowly walks into the room and stares at the naughty naked girl. As he pulls out his hard throbbing cock he puts it in her hand, so she jolts back and throws off her VR headset only to see his veiny manhood staring at her. Without wasting a moment the horny lesbo starts sucking on the fat penis and stretching out her throat with it. Deepthroating gets her sopping wet, so she pushes him onto the sofa to ride his dick in cowgirl and satisfy her own needs. The intense drilling doesn’t last long as they hear Maddy’s footsteps in the distance. Although they tried to hide, they were unsuccessful and were swiftly caught red-handed. Despite being angry because she cheated, the brunette is in the mood as well and wants a piece of his hot dick for herself. She throws her girlfriend to the side and takes her place on top of his huge rod. The naked girls stare into each other’s eyes as they rub their clits and use his meat for pleasure, but he’s not going to let them do all the work. As he gets up the hotties get into a 69 position and he starts thrusting them in doggy style and missionary joyfully. Between changing positions she lets the lesbians lick off their own juices from the tip and goes right back to the hardcore pounding. Two naked girls scissor with his hot dick between their wet cunts! The girls even lick his asshole. Although they’re extremely tight, he dicks them down until they both experience a shivering orgasm and he gets to bust.

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