Perverted young blonde babysitter spies on the couple, and they give her the real thing in return

Scott is an alright guy. He has kids from an earlier marriage and a new hot wife called Charli. She is a seriously sexy blonde MILF. He needs his kids taken care of so that he can devote his time and attention to Charli. The couple really likes to touch, kiss, and fuck like crazy. Their bedroom is a powerhouse of raw pussy fucking and dick sucking. Today, as Charli was going down on his massive dick and gagging on it, she noticed a teddy bear on the couch. Something was off about this toy because it had its belly ripped. She told Scott to check it out, and he got off the bed. He noticed a small camera hidden in the bear’s belly! At that moment, he immediately knows it is Mia, his trusted babysitter. How does he know? It’s simple. The girl is always hanging around his bedroom after putting his kids to bed, tidying up the bed and sofa, and, most importantly, giving him dirty looks all the time, flashing him her panties and her cute little ass. Charli and Scott decide to play her little game. He places the camera on a good spot and fucks Charli silly, messing up her hair and her sexy lingerie. The little nympho spying on them with her favorite vibrator in her wet teenage cunt. The next day, Charli confronts the pervy babysitter and seduces her into giving her a taste of her sweet pussy. The young 18 year old girl is amazed at all the attention she’s getting. Her little twat is covered in spit in no time. The MILF makes her cum in her mouth and even gets some of her pussy juices onto her fancy red dress. As she’s wiping her mouth from Mia’s cum, Scott walks in and joins them. Charli and Scott decide to give the little slut a live show. The MILF sucks her man off jealously and shows off her skill. Scott asks Mia to join in, and she gets to it like a good little babysitter. She’s pretty good for a bratty young girl, he thinks to himself. He gets her to lie down, has his wife hold her legs open, and sticks his dick in. The girl moans in pleasure. Her pink pussy is so small and tight for his big mature cock. As he’s fucking her, ravaging her pussy, his naked wife rubs her pussy like mad, waiting her turn. He takes her next, in doggy style. What a site that is of a grown woman getting her sweet brains fucked out while the teen babe touches her and licks her. This drives the MILF insane, and she rubs her clit until her pussy erupts with squirt. Mia is quick to taste her juices, and Scott decides to award her with some dick in doggy. He rubs his penis on her asshole before sticking it in. His wife sees this and starts licking the two. Pretty soon, both naked girls are on his dick and his face, slamming their pussies hard down onto him. The girls take turns riding him until he stands up and jerks off in their faces. He gifts his cum to both naked girls. As he’s catching a breather, he tells the babysitter not to spy on them anymore but join them anytime!

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