The day when my wife unknowingly hired an maid dressed hot escort girl for housework

My wife is too fancy to clean the house by herself. So a couple of days ago she picked up the phone and called a couple of agencies. The next morning she told me she had hired a maid and that she would come that day. I was supposed to let her in. Little have I known what was about to happen. An hour after my wife left the doorbell rang. I opened and then a gorgeous, young blonde walked in. My jaw dropped! She was so scarcely dressed that I knew something was wrong. She didn’t say a word, she just started cleaning. I went to the kitchen and then it hit me; my wife hired an escort service girl! She hired a sexy slut dressed like a maid. I could spend hours just marveling at her amazing pussy, perfect ass, perky tits, and gorgeous young body. The girl really had a gorgeous shapely ass crack surrounded by pleasantly plump voluptuous ass cheeks. I stared at her and my dick was so hard. I’ve never seen a young, sexy, and beautiful naked girl like her before. Well, I better tell her to leave, I said to myself. I went to the living room and as soon as I entered, the sexy naked maid threw herself in front of me, and the next thing I knew was that her lips were firmly locked on my dick. I didn’t have time to say anything. She started sucking it so well that I was speechless. Well, I can have this blowjob and then tell her to leave. But it felt so good that I had to lean down and kiss that wonderful lips. I threw her on the bed and licked her young pussy. I was sliding my tongue deep inside, as far as I could. Then I felt a pulse in my cock and a moment later it was deep inside of that delicious pussy. A couple of gentle thrusts made way for intense action. I was so horny that I wanted to split that sweet pussy in half! I felt myself getting close to cumming in her hand. The blonde sensed this and started moaning, smiling at me, making me cum deep in her body. I watched as thick cum, a lot of thick cum….more than I’d ever cum, began leaking out of her pink pussy, down her ass crack. My cock was still so hard and throbbing! With my wife we have sex from once a week to once a month, but I was sure with this young teen babe I could cum and cum again. I pushed my dick into her cum filled teen cunt. The faster I fucked her, the more cum squirting out of her vagina. “I want you to creampie me! I want your cum more in my pussy!” We switched a couple of positions, and she ended up on my cock, riding it in reverse cowgirl style. My semen was everywhere. I looked over to see her playing with the cum that was leaking out of her pussy.

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