Angry stepdad comes home and fucks hot step daughter

Another shitty day at the office, and what does he come back home to? His slutty stepdaughter was chatting on the phone, dressed like a whore. She knows what is about to happen, and hangs up and gets ready for daddy. He needs to blow off some steam badly and yanks down her top. Her small titties bounce as he pulls her hair, and her nipples get hard from the rough treatment. Dad slams her down on the bed and pulls out his dick. No foreplay here; he instantly starts fucking her throat. She opens her mouth as wide as she can and takes it in deep, until his balls slap against her chin. She slams it so deep, his pubes and balls squash up against her face. She’s gotten used to it by now, as she doesn’t gag once. Like the good slut he raised her to be, she licks all the way from his shaft down to the balls. After giving them good gargling, she moves over to his asshole. Rimjobs are definitely her thing. He must be extra mad today as he sits on her face and rides her face with his hairy ass, slapping the hell out of her booty. She keeps licking his ass crack, his cock and his scrotum, taking both testicles into her mouth. Taking her hair in his fist, he rubs his sweaty balls and his ass all over his stepdaughter’s face. After she’s done cleaning him with her tongue, he tells her to get into position for doggy style and spread her ass cheeks with both hands. She screams out as he enters her in one hard thrust. He starts fucking her fast and deep hearing her moan like a young whore. Her little pussy feels so tight, wet, warm and yummy inside. He must’ve dealt with some mouthy bitch at work since he gags her. Papa pounds her hard, making her moan through the gag. He then flips her over and has her fold her legs behind her head. The flexible skank loved every second of it, getting louder and louder with every thrust. He still cares for her and plays with her pussy while destroying it with his dick. She can feel very proud of her beautiful hole. She cums over and over again and keeps asking for more. He then puts her on her side and lifts her leg so she can take the entire length of his cock. She sees her stepdaddy’s smile as he stares at her perky titties as they jiggle for his pleasure. After he’s finally had enough, he makes her sit up straight. She instinctively sticks out her tongue, ready for her reward. All these teen girls like it rough and take a guy’s dick hard and fast.

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