Two little sluts make barista guy fuck their tight wet pussies and assholes right in the coffee shop

An order of extra cream with their coffee! The girls went to this new coffee shop after classes. It wasn’t anything special, really, just your run of the mill place with mediocre drinks. The reason they went there was because of a rumor they overheard. The coffee is whatever, but the barista has a huge dick. They place their orders, but our light-skin girl goes up to the register and flashes him. He’s pleasantly surprised but has to stay professional for the other customers. She lifts up her skirt when she goes back and waits for him to bring their drinks. With his hands busy, he couldn’t keep them away from his pants. The girls unzip them, and out pops an extra large sausage. One of them gets cold feet and decides to go meat free for the day, leaving more for her two friends. The girls slurp and suck on his cock, almost bringing him to orgasm. Sadly, another annoying customer calls him over, and he has to leave. Thirsty for more, the girls crawl behind the bar and continue the double blowjob while he’s taking an order. He couldn’t take more and brought them behind to storage. One girl keeps watch while the other gets her wet pussy stuffed with his mega dong. He fucks her over a table, making her scream and moan with pleasure. Her butt bounces with every thrust. And I must say the girl has a phenomenal ass, a true big bubble butt! He lifts her up and gives it to her while standing. They almost get caught, but luckily the lookout manages to solve the situation. As punishment for being so loud, he puts it in her ass! Grabbing her legs, his dick goes in no problem since it’s already lubed up with pussy juice. After she cums a few times, it was her friend’s turn, and she wanted more of the same. The customer is always right.

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