Slutty student fucks while group studying

Preparing for a group project, Bratty little student Mia can’t think of anything but a dick. She just can’t get herself to focus on the work, and finds a better way to secretly practice her real-world skills with her study buddy. At first, it’s just an innocent touch, but then it escalates into some very open and very direct petting. The dude is surprised but doesn’t back away. He’s fond of Mia but never taught that they would actually do something, much less do it in front of their friends. Mia isn’t having any of that. She likes that he is a bit uncomfortable while she touches his dick. His boy is getting really hard regardless of all his squirming. She even dares him to pull it out. The thick throbbing cock is just begging to be touched and sucked. The mischievous teen starts jerking it secretly. She looks into his eyes with daring audacity. Her friend is right there, and she can see that something is up. Mia drops a pen and gets under the table to pick it up. He soon finds his dick in Mia’s throat. The girl sucks on his cock silently but deeply. Finally, the dude gets his game together, takes Mia by the hand, and makes her stand up and sit on his dick. The pair giggle while his dick goes into her wet pussy. Her yellow thong is pulled to the side to reveal the steamy hot action. Their study buddies get the message and head out. Without wasting time the little slut bends over the table, hikes her school skirt up to her waist, pulls her drenched panties off and spreads her ass cheeks with both hands for him. Her pink holes are right here for him. The guy takes the initiative. He slams his cock into her pussy from behind so deep and hard that his balls slap her clit. His cock is hard and thick and she feels every inch of it as he thrusts in and out of her, filling her completely. Suddenly her pussy begins to squirt all over his cock! He has never seen anything like it, not even on the internet. She is a slutty squirter that has one squirting orgasm after another. He rubs on her wet pussy to make her do it. Her squirt is legendary. A sticky liquid with a nice odor sprays all over the table in less than one minute. Mia is a dirty girl, but she’s also a tidy girl. She gets on all fours on the table, to clean his cock with her mouth. He is amazed at just how dirty this girl will be for him. He wants more, so he strips and has her strip as well. The pair get on the table together, rolling around in the squirt, fucking in sixty-nine, and then in some good old spooning action. His massive dick is throbbing as he’s about to cum. The naked schoolgirl can feel it just by listening to his breathing. He pulls out, and she gets on her knees. The minute he busts his nut Mia stuffs his dick down her throat, swallowing as he cums.
Actors: MIA KAY

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