Slutty naked girls sex to get out of jail

Naughty girls on spring break Rory, Octavia and Jasmine, are out to cause some trouble. These good girls gone wild do all in their power to wreak havoc on the small town of Skeetsville. After the three demolish a local liquor store, Skeetsville PD comes around the corner and takes them into custody. The officers explain the situation to the girls and decide to do a cavity search. Octavia, a sexy busty blonde slut, is the first to undergo this examination. A police officer whips out his dick and sticks it down her throat. He feels no foreign bodies but isn’t quite sure, so he pokes her throat some more. Rory looks on in shock as the second policeman takes off her top and the tops of her friends. He proceeds to examine Jasmine’s breasts for hidden contraband. Some would say that the cop is fucking Octavia’s mouth, but that would not be the correct legal term. Afterward, the police officers bend over all three naked girls and examine their assholes and pussies with their fingers. They conclude that they have no concealed objects inside. However, they do take Octavia to the other room and bend her over on a steel table. The tall bald cop inserts his dick into her pussy from the back. Jasmine is up next. The cops pay special attention to her pussy and huge natural tits. After they’re finished with the examination, they take the girls into lock up. All three naked girls are made to get down on their knees and suck the guys off through the steel bars. This little lock-up ritual soon escalates into some jail group sex, with the girls take turn getting fucked. If the girls want to keep the good times rolling while also staying out of trouble, they’ll have to go along with whatever the officers tell them. Before shutting the lights off, the cops make the girls get on their knees and eat their cum. They’ve learned their lesson – never fuck with the law!

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