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One nice morning, blonde teen babe walked in on her brother in the bathroom. He caught a glance. Not a passing glance but a very distinct one. He knew it from before. Girls gave it to him. It’s no secret that he’s an attractive guy who fucks around a lot. So, he knows what he saw. Later he confronts his stepsister in the kitchen right smack. He asks why she barged in on him like that when she knew he was inside fully naked. The teen girl swears that she didn’t know and that it was an accident. However, he insists that she did it just so she could catch a glimpse of him naked. He gets in her face, but she just looks away. However, she’s not backing away. This inspires the young, self-confident guy to act. He grabs his young busty stepsis by the throat and by the pussy at the same time. She is shocked and even a bit violated, but she doesn’t fight or try to escape. He asks her why her pussy is wet and why she’s not wearing any panties under her sweet pink skirt. “It’s because you want me!” “You want to fuck your brother, don’t you?” Finally, the girl admits. You can tell that she likes this rough treatment by the way that she squirms and moans. He rubs her pussy like a maniac asking her again and again why she wants to fuck him. The girl says: “Oh my God, our parents!” “Fuck our parents,” her stepbro says. The guy is going to fuck her right there in the kitchen, and she can’t do anything about it. He pulls her tits out and lifts her skirt. The shiny nipple piercings make her shine in the glorious light. He lifts one of her legs and starts eating her wet pussy out. He’s not stimulating her clit so much as licking the vagina to make it even wetter. The girl knows why he’s doing this and gets even my excited by the thought of him bending her over on the counter and fucking her senseless. Lo and behold, he does just that. Her ass is laid bare in front of this strong and self-confident guy. His naked stepsister has no choice but to let him deep inside. As he whips his big dick out and stuffs it into her pussy, she screams out, “I’ve wanted this for so long!” He toys with her pink dress and her pink pussy, pounding it from the back and ramming her into the grey kitchen base cabinet. He’s in her throat, between her juicy tits, in no time. Her little throat struggles to open enough for his big cock. Young busty naked girl rides him right on the floor in the middle of the kitchen, her amazing tits bouncing up and down. The sight of her bouncing ass is mesmerizing. Then, after plowing her on the floor and making her ride that cock, he pulls out, stands up, and sprays his load all over his stepsister’s tits and face.

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