Beautiful sexy girl lets her stepdad and step-cousin freeuse her

After noticing that both his stepdaughter Melanie and her step-cousin have issues socializing, he decided to get the two connected. Even though the teens are a bit shy at first, they start chatting about their studies while the raunchy stepdad goes around to caress her perfect ass. Thankfully, all three of them are in the free-use lifestyle and don’t mind being used. Seeing how Melanie’s not opposed to being touched, the cousin also decides to join in on the fun. Whilst chatting, the guys slowly slide off her panties and top to continue caressing her perfect body. Melanie’s trying her hardest to concentrate, but the feeling of her stepdad’s tongue on her pussy is becoming a bit too distracting. Thankfully, her step-cousin steps in to help teach her about the subject, so as he starts explaining pulls out his thick cock to jerk it. It doesn’t take long before the cute girl starts sucking it, so her stepdad bends her over and decides to take the next step. He begins pounding her tight snatch from behind with joy, and none of them seem to care about what’s happening. After some intense plowing and blowing, they head on to the living room to relax from the tedious studying. To pass the time, they choose to do a puzzle, but instead of helping Melanie, they use her body as she tries to put all the pieces together. They lay the beautiful naked girl flat on the table and thrust deep into her mouth and pussy whilst she barely managed to figure out the puzzle. Since she’s unable to fully complete it, they switch over to the gaming console, where she can at least hold the controller and play as she gets used. She slowly spreads her legs and focuses on the screen while her raunchy step-family members rub her clit and fondle her soft skin. Once her stepfather notices how wet she’s getting, he turns her around slightly in order to shove himself in her. As he does so, the cute brunette gobbles on her step-cousin’s thick manhood and plays her game. Since they only have one controller, the sexy girl gives it to him so that he gets a turn on the console. As she does so her stepfather lays her on her back and spreads her wide open. The moment she feels him enter she begins sucking on her step-cousin’s dick and licking his balls ever so gently. It doesn’t take long for Melanie to have an orgasm, so she tells him to ignore gaming and focus on pounding her more. Without wasting a second the beautiful naked girl arches her back and continues getting spit-roasted relentlessly, but her stepdad’s pretty close to busting. Instead of letting him catch his breath she bounces on his meat and makes him cover her pretty booty with his hot load. Now that the step-cousins are alone, she stares into his eyes while slobbering on his heavy balls. Within seconds he stops jerking to give her the thick facial she’s been craving.

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