Double date movie night turns exciting and two teen sluts make their men cum in their mouths

Two teen girls, Aubree and Gizelle are watching a movie with their boyfriends in the living room. Gizelle’s boyfriend is being a dick to her, so she decides to have some fun with her sexy roommate instead. Unfortunately Aubree is busy with her boyfriend. She slowly moves her hand underneath the blanket to give his meat a gentle rub. Not wanting to ruin their fun, Gizelle lets them fool around before gesturing that she should sneakily give him a blowjob. The couple swiftly makes an excuse to leave the room, leaving Gizelle alone with her boring man. Her legs spread within seconds of being alone with him but her boyfriend was not paying any attention to her. Desperate to reach climax she follows their footsteps and peeps through the door to watch her roommate make love with her boyfriend. Luckily, horny Gizelle is shameless, so she sneaks into the bedroom to join the hook up! Without hesitation, she drops to her knees and helps her bestie satisfy her man with her sloppy mouth. Despite feeling wrong about cheating on her clueless boyfriend, she can’t help but gobble down on his meat with passion in her eyes. Gizelle is doming Aubree and showing her how to make her boyfriend cum like a the fountain, when Gizelle’s boyfriend stumbles upon the sneaky threesome! Due to their loud moans, Gizzele’s significant other goes to investigate, only to see his girl playing with his friend’s jizz! He watches her cheeks puff out with a full mouth of cum! His girlfriend Gizelle is kissing and licking the warm sperm out of Aubree’s mouth. Although the two men are arguing, the babes don’t plan on getting up until they’ve swallowed the huge portion of fresh jizz. Aubree’s boyfriend has busted, so the cum sluts swap him out from Gizelle’s boyfriend. He takes a quick glance at their shaking booties and moves over to satisfy their twats one at a time. Two naked girls bend over the bed in hopes of being railed and filled with more cum. He take turns destroying their little pussies with his huge black dick. He lies down and the naked girls start taking turns riding on his manhood until their bodies quiver. Whenever Aubree’s in cowgirl, her friend makes out with her while her pussy gets licked. Not long after riding him, the babes fall over and their bodies intertwine as they begin to shake. Seeing the naked girls trying to catch their breath as their figures are covered in sweat gives him enough energy to continue banging. They look back at his wet meat and eagerly rush to taste their juices off of it with another deepthroating session. Once their throats are fully stretched out, they lie on their backs and let him use their pussies as much as he pleases. He wastes no time and penetrates them whilst fantasizing about jizzing all across their beautiful faces. The constant thrusting quickly pushes him to his limits, so he pulls out and strokes himself off until he’s released every drop of cum. Instead of moving away, the naked girls move closer to him and attempt to keep his load in their mouths until he’s finished jizzing.

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