Nasty blonde can’t hide her sexual needs despite the dorm being full

College is a time for exploring, especially for young girls that finally have the freedom to be as sexual as they want to be. As the blonde student gets aroused, she quickly leads her partner back into her dorm to fool around in private. Unfortunately, her roommate is sleeping right next to her bed. That’s not enough to stop her from getting what she wants, so she quickly whips out his throbbing cock to get a taste of it. After tenderly sucking and licking every inch of his dick, her dripping wet pussy can’t wait any longer for penetration. Once she turns around her juicy booty is all he can see, so he eagerly spreads his legs and lets her slide herself onto him. The reverse cowgirl becomes intense, which causes her to start moaning uncontrollably. The loud smacking of their skin colliding wakes up her roomie, so the horny college couple swiftly leave the bedroom and let her rest for her exams. Seeing how the kitchen is empty, they head inside and she instantly drops to her knees to continue her blowjob. Within minutes they hear people coming in, so the horny college girl manages to hide beneath a desk whilst his manhood is still in her mouth. She eagerly continues sucking him off sneakily until everybody leaves, but it doesn’t take long for her to become impatient. Once she starts aching for more penetration, she grabs him by the hand and takes him to the living room, which is packed with other students.

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