Accidental bathroom sex with my girlfreind’s slutty friend

The girls are planning a hang out. When Dana shows up all sweaty from a run, Cory offers her shower. Little does her man know that it’s not his girlfreind in the shower. While sneaking into the bathroom with his throbbing cock already out, he slightly opens up the shower curtain to use it as a homemade glory hole. What he failed to realize is that his girlfreind’s friend was rubbing her gorgeous body there. Despite knowing it’s her friend’s boyfriend who wants to bang, the slutty chick can’t contain her lust when she sees how huge he is. Before letting him pound her, she slowly licks the tip and works her way up to the base of his shaft until every inch of it is down her throat. Once his giant manhood is covered with her spit, the sexy busty naked woman bends over and inches herself closer to him. He feels her booty pressing up against him, so he shoves it deep into her snatch without hesitation. As the two bang, he hears moans that don’t sound familiar, so he opens up the curtains only to see his girlfriend’s friend’s thick ass grinding onto him. Startled and worried about being caught cheating, he rushes downstairs but is quickly noticed by Cory who is also in the mood for some intense penetration. Without even asking what he’s been up to she leads him to the living room for a cowgirl riding session. While watching his girlfriend’s beautiful body bouncing on him, he takes a peek upstairs, only to see her friend begging for more. Despite telling her to leave with his hands, the naked girl sneaks behind the sofa to watch the two get freaky. The fun is abrupted for a moment as Cory realizes that her bestie’s in her house, so she goes to check on her. Whilst she does so, the curvy hottie crawls to him and goes back to giving him head. It doesn’t take long for them to be caught, but instead of being angry at her, Cory’s too aroused to kick her out. After making her bestie eat her pussy out, she lets her deepthroat his schlong and suck on his balls. Before letting her cheater boyfriend thrust, she desperately wants to scissor her bestie’s wet slit. Whilst the two naked girls orgasm from the passionate tribbing, he’s eagerly awaiting them to return to the couch. The moment the girls do, he takes turns hammering their cunts in doggy style. Whenever his legs get weak, they straddle him and bounce their fat asses on him joyfully until he regains his energy to continue railing them from behind. As the naked girls feel his thick rod pulsate, they quickly drop to their knees and Dana opens her mouth wide to catch his load. He stares at his girlfriend while stroking his large dick and, within a few seconds, covers his girlfreind’s friend’s face with his hot cum. His girlfriend starts licking the cum off of her happy face. Standing in front of the naked girls with his still throbbing dick in hands, he watches the cum covered girls kiss and lick each other.

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