Blonde naked girl sex with stepdad while doing exercise

Emma is one naughty little girl. She just turned 18 last fall, and already when this summer hit, she was all into sex and exploring her body sexually. Her hunk of a stepdad has been on her radar for some years now. Today she caught him working out, and she was intrigued by the strong man and his muscles. She approaches him with some half-witted excuse and soon convinces him to use her body weight to lift. He uses her body as a bench press. The tiny girl is actually a bit too light for him but a deal’s a deal, right? He’s pressing her back, lifting her up as he would a regular weight. Emma loves this attention she’s getting, but she wants her stepdad to press her from the front. He’s worried that the bikini she’s wearing might get in the way, and the gal simply takes it off. The man goes along with this game, regardless of the shock he feels. Emma sees he’s getting hard and is so bold as to touch it. The minute her hand touches that shaft, the fun starts. The sexy naked girl blows him as best as she can as he moans with pleasure. Not a minute passes, and the girl straddles him and rides him like a good little cowgirl. He is in heaven as the girl cries about how big his cock is. Regardless of the size, she keeps riding him. Her young tight pussy feels amazing! They soon switch, and he enters her pussy on the workout bench in a missionary. That pretty pussy looks perfect while he is spreading her pink meat. The moment fast approaches when this tight pussy makes him cum. He pulls out and wants to cum on her stomach, but the girl gets on her knees and sucks it out of him. Stepdad can’t wait for another workout with his sweet Emma.

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