Tired and stressed blonde stepmom gets turned on by her stepson’s massage and his bulge

Everyday stress gets a hold of the gorgeous blonde milf, but her stepson is there to help out. As the two chat, he slowly inches himself closer and begins massaging her calves. Not long after playing with her feet, he offers her a back massage, which she eagerly accepts. Once the two are in bed, his beautiful stepmother lays on her back without her top or bra on. Things take a turn once he starts flirting with her, but she’s too aroused to stop him from doing so. As she turns around and reveals her gorgeous tits to him, he swiftly fondles them while staring deep into her eyes. Despite him being her stepson, the milf can’t help but feel excited every time he grazes her sensitive nipples. Instead of stopping him, she passionately kisses him before letting him lick every inch of her wonderful body. He plants kisses on her neck, her breasts, trailing kisses down her belly, parting her thighs, using his tongue he finds her sweet spot, teasing her clit. His gentle caressing sends shivers down her spine, making her hornier than ever. The moment he pulls out his throbbing cock the naked stepmom rushes towards it to satisfy it with her mouth. No matter how good her blowjob skills are, he’s not satisfied until he’s stretched out his stepmother’s snatch. As her legs spread he pushes himself deep inside, making her moan like never before. Whilst dicking her down in missionary, he makes sure to suck on her lips and make strong eye contact. Within minutes of plowing her twat he feels his stepmom’s insides pulsate, so he picks up the speed until her pussy cums. As her body shivers she glances at her stepson’s eyes and sees how lustful he’s become. Despite being exhausted from his pounding, she lets him use her fanny, as long as she can taste his load.

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