Rich neighbors fulfill their desire by swapping their younger trophy spouses

The infamous wife-swap sex is quite popular among rich and powerful people. Sheena and Scott have younger spouses who serve as trophies. A brunch gathering with their spouses Katie and Rion gives them the opportunity to show off just how obedient their lovers are. They like to push them around. This time they decided to convince them to have sex together! It gave Sheena and Scott room to accomplish their dirty desires and have a hard fuck in the bedroom. Before you know it, they are in the bedroom, kissing and grabbing, preparing themselves for the most arousing fuck. Sheena is a rich busty milf, always hungry for hard cock, while Scott is a fancy middle-aged playboy who likes cheating on his young, dumb wife. After sucking his hard shaft, the horny slut bent over and exposed her surprisingly tight pussy. This brunette milf loves cunnilingus and was overexcited to feel his wet tongue on her labia. The sensation was overwhelming and it made her moan out loud. It also made her eager to feel his hard dick deep inside her cunt. So she started begging for it. Horny man had his wiggling tongue too deep in her pussy to realize what she was saying. But a quick, gentle tap shook him up. He was quick to shove the hard cock in her hungry vagina. The moment it was in, it triggered a massive orgasm. Bent over and exposing her lush buttocks, the hot naked babe was screaming in pleasure. It made him fuck that wet, mature pussy even harder. Meanwhile, their spouses weren’t wasting time either. They were engaged in a full-blown fuck fest too. Katie was enjoying every inch of Sheea’s husband’s hard dick and thanked Sheena and Scott for initiating the wife-swap session. In the bedroom Sheen spread her ass cheeks for Scott as they engaged in sneaky cheating anal sex! He banged her vigorously, slamming his prick in and out of her ass hole, his hips slapping against her ass cheeks.

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