Hot babes lesbian sex during a delicate massage session

Aften is a sweet little brunette with a pair of small tits, a bubble butt, and a cute smile. Her friend, Kyle, just came over to spend an afternoon together. Aften starts complaining about her back pain, and Kylie immediately knows what to do. She’s a masseuse and can help her by massaging her back. Without any oil, Kylie lays her friend flat on her stomach on a couch. Rubbing her friend’s back and her sexy ass kind of turns her on. She asks her friend to take off her top to feel her back better. Kylie presses on her troubled places hard and feels the Aften squirming. She likes that but would also like to see Aften’s cute tits. This is why Kylie asks her to turn around. She massages her front, starting from Aften’s shoulders and reaching lower with every move. The goal is to touch those sweet tits. Soon enough, she does. Aften notices this slight but lets her continue. Kylie kisses her right smack on the mouth. Aften takes her tongue inside her mouth and starts touching her. However, Kylie is faster. She reaches for Aften’s pussy first. The girl is stunned by the speed at which her masseuse is going but doesn’t back away. She’s all wet, and pretty soon, the girls are naked, and Kylie is sucking on Aften’s pussy juices. Her tongue is busy lapping her wet slit. Cum almost sprays out as Aften’s body twists and winds orgasmically. She wants to return the favor. So she goes down on Kylie. The naked girls take turns on each other’s faces, licking one another’s pussies in missionary, doggy, and even scissoring. Getting their pussies together they girls begin to rock against each other rubbing their throbbing clits against each other. Both of them are moaning loudly as they press themselves together. The young lesbians both cum multiple times, making Aften forget about her aching back completely. What are friends for?

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