Three naked waitresses spread their legs for special service

It’s Friday after work. A young guy walks into a milkshake and soda place and orders a milkshake. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Wrong. In this café, blonde waitress Riley and her two slutty co-workers, dark-haired Aria and stunning Nicole, serve the milkshakes straight from their mouths and titties. The minute he sits down, the sexy girls are all over each other. They touch each other’s boobs and tug on each other’s neat waitress uniforms. Our guy is perplexed but goes along with the show, even giving his dick for the girls to play with. The second his pants come down, and he takes a seat, Nicole and Aria push their heads down on his schlong. Their friend walks over and kisses him from behind. Pretty soon, she’s down their with her gals, gagging and slurping on that big stiff dick. All three girls stand up and move to the counter, where the guy lies on his back. One of the girls sits on his face while the other two little sluts pay his cock some more attention. He disappears in their mouths for a bit. This gives him new ideas, and he suggests the girl each takes a barstool and spread their legs. The naked girls obey, as good waitresses should, as he stands up and goes from one gal to the next. Just imagine, three wet pussies are in front of you, waiting for you to decide which one to fuck first! First, he plugs Riley’s pink wet hole, then Aria’s, and finally Nicole’s. He keeps moving from one pussy to the next until they all have an orgasm. He seems to like brunette Nicole’s pussy the most since he gives it so much attention. In the meantime, her friends sixty-nine each other. The girls even seem a bit jealous that Nicole is getting this much dick. He turns Nicole around and plows her from the back. She really likes the royal treatment but suggests he give some cock to Aria. She is a bit tighter than Nicole, and this makes our guy pull out and cum. All three naked girls get on their knees hastily and get most of the sperm in their hair and faces. Not one of them complains because the customer is always right. Right?

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