Rough time having kylie and her boyfriend subscribe to a raunchy sex course

Since the couple has been having a rough time in the bedroom, Kylie decided to subscribe to a sex course to spice things up. The two lay in bed and turn on their laptop to watch the experienced milf Cherie show them how it’s done. Her first goal is to get the foreplay right, so she starts off by explaining the proper way to jerk off and tease your partner’s cock and balls. Then it’s his turn to satisfy Kylie’s young teenage pussy. Although the sex instructor showing how exactly a snatch needs to be fingered, he can’t seem to get the hang of it whatsoever. Instead, they skip to penetration and his brunette girlfriend eagerly spreads her legs wide for him to thrust in. After slowly putting in the head, he rails her inch by inch until his entire shaft is deep inside of her. They switch to doggy but are still having trouble. They try to follow instructions, but her cock-sucking and his pussy-pounding skills are so bad, the sex instructor has to come in there herself! Cherie’s first task is to teach both of them oral sex and thanks to her experienced approach they swiftly learn everything they need to know with ease. Once the time for hardcore penetration comes, they show their gratitude to the big booty instructor by letting her join for a threesome. Throughout the intense threesome, she makes sure they learn about every possible position, from doggy style and cowgirl to deepthroating and sixty-nine. The naked girls are on their backs and he goes from one cunt to the other fucking them. One after the other the girls jump on his cock in an effort to squirt all over him. Kylie is having mind blowing orgasms, for the first time in her life. As the girls feel his dick pulsate, the milf’s mouth opens instinctively to catch his hot load, which she eagerly shares with his cute girlfriend.

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