Hijab-wearing beauty offers her sexy body to landlord because she can’t afford her rent

On his way to collect the rent, he finds out that one of his most attractive tenants, a beautiful Arab girl, is in some financial trouble. Her husband is out of town, and she is three months late on her rent. This hijab-wearing beauty wants to let him know she will do anything to make him happy and not evict them. She tries to seduce him by seductively taking off her clothes. He has never fucked a girl like her before, but he has always wondered what she had underneath that hijab of hers. When she flashed her boobs and her booty to him, he was pleasantly surprised. Seeing her goods for the first time made his cock hard within seconds. The sexy girl noticed that, so she got on her knees in front of him. When she pulled it out, she was astonished by its size. She was never fucked by such a monster cock before, and she decided to have a bit of fun with him. She was practically naked now, just wearing her hijab. She grabbed that cock with her hands and started to give him a handjob while teasing the tip with her tongue. Soon enough, she was trying to deep-throat it. This slutty Arab girl was surprisingly good at giving blowjobs. But he wanted to try so much more with her, so he told her to get on top and mount him like a slut from a porn movie. She did so without question. Her pussy was incredibly wet so that he could slide in with little effort. His view of her body was from her lovely pussy to her perky breasts to her beautiful face. Naked Arab girl kept slamming her pussy hard down onto his dick. Then they switched to doggy style. He loved sparing her perfect ass as he was smashing her cunt from behind. He jizzed all over her pretty face. As the cum was dripping from her mouth, he told her that her debt was forgiven. A Muslim Porn Site! Watch all these hijab wearing Arab girls have sex with men in the most non-conservative ways possible.

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