Two teen best friends swap and fuck their fugitive stepbrothers on couch

Krissy and Gaby have been friends for a long time. The girls like having girls’ nights out and getting their nails done. The other thing they have in common is that they both have stepbrothers, and both of them are in prison. Little do they know that the dynamic duo of stepbrothers broke out of jail the very same morning. They’re both wanted men, hunted by the police, but all they can think about is fucking. So they sneak into the living room behind the sofa where the girls are sitting. When they eventually reveal themselves, their step sisters are stunned but also glad to see them. Krissy hugs her stepbrother, giving him a wild erection. As he’s talking about his plans to avoid the police, his stepsister freaks out at his hard-on. The girls take pity on them and decide to help the guys and finally give them what they’ve been craving for so long! They rub their hot throbbing cocks with their soft hands. Then the guys ask them to take it to their mouth. The girls swap their stepbrothers and start sucking on their dicks. Gaby gets down on her knees for her bestfriend’s brother’s long dick. Krissy does the same. The boys have massive hard-ons, and the girls can’t wait them to cum. The problem the boys haven’t seen any women in years so the girls have to help them with their pussies. Gaby’s stepbrother fucks Krissy’s throat hard with his long thin dick. She gags and gasps for air, stopping to take a breather a few times. In the meantime, Gaby is getting her friend’s brother on the sofa. She mounts him and starts rubbing his dick on her clit and her asshole, trying to make him cum. On the other end of the couch, her own stepbrother tells Krissy to take her panties off, and she obeys like a good little slut. Her bold pussy gives him ideas. He turns her around, and spreads her ass cheeks to see what he’s been missing. Not a minute passes, and he’s got her in the hot seat. Krissy’s squatting on that fugitive dick like her life depended on it. She pulls her legs back onto the bed to fuck him some more in reverse cowgirl. Gaby is doing the same thing with Krissy’s stepbrother. She grinds on him slowly with her little tits bouncing outside her blue lingerie top. The sexy girls are definitely in charge now. They both change positions simultaneously and start riding each other’s stepbrother like good little cowgirls. The boys enjoy this orgy so much as they fuck them deeper and deeper. They make the girls get onto all fours and stick their gorgeous butts high in the air. They are fucking their stepsister’s in doggy. However, once the boys get them on the floor and into doggy, they decided to swap their sisters! The girls notice it after a while, but what the heck, right? Both stepbros are so turned on by this that they pound their little sisters again and again until they cum on their asses. Now, it’s time to flee from the scene.

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