My girlfriend’s bestie with lustful intention came over without wearing any panties

While my girlfriend’s not home, I take the time for myself to shower and chill, but as I hopped in the bathroom I could have sworn I heard someone in the house. Suddenly I hear the doorbell ring, so I grab my towel and rush to see who it is. It turns out my girlfriend’s best friend Eva was supposed to drop off a package, but instead of just giving it to me she wanted to enter the house and chat. Although I’m barely wearing anything, I walk her to the kitchen and things get steamy once she admits she’s wanted me all along. Despite wanting to be loyal, my cock got instantly hard as I saw her skirt lift up and expose her perfect young 18 year old pussy. I have never seen such a perfect pussy. Her clean outer labia puffed delicately, the color of peppermint ice cream, curving in toward her gently trembling pussy-lips like a funnel drawing me closer and closer. As I slowly remove my towel I watch as the cute blonde drops to her knees to give my meat a tender blowjob. Feeling her little warm mouth wrap around the head made me desperate to dick her down, so I bent her booty over to enter her tight slit from behind. The sight of her lovely ass was too much for me to resist. Just when I’m about to nut from her tight slit, I hear my girl return, so we rush into the bathroom as not to get caught. Luckily the plan worked, but since none of us were satisfied yet, we continued banging without a care in the world. Before letting her ride my manhood, I have to pummel her from behind and feel her juicy ass cheeks grind against me. The closer she gets to cumming the louder Eva moans, so I make sure to muffle the noise with my hands as she shivers in joy. No matter how much I want to enjoy our naughty fun I’m too pent up and quickly feed her my thick cum, which she seductively plays with before sneaking out.
Actors: EVA NYX

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