After soccer practice Emma comes to my house and seduces me with her banging body

As the soccer coach, I shouldn’t be tempted by my students, but Emma is just too cute to ignore. Once practice is over, she walks with me all the way to my house, so I let her enter to relax after her hard work on the field. Before even sitting on the sofa she asks to take a shower and clean up. Within seconds she calls me saying that the shower’s not working, and as I go upstairs she waits for me in a towel. It doesn’t take long for her to drop it down on purpose, so I try to act natural but she already knows that I’ve been eyeing her gorgeous young body. Now that we’ve both been exposed and know what we need, I begin tenderly caressing her perfect body. As I get closer to her sweet snatch I can feel how smooth and wet she is for me, and I instantly get hard. Things take a turn once she pushes me onto the bed and pulls out my huge cock. I watch in awe as the sexy naked girl slowly crawls on top of me and slides her quivering clit on my cock whilst gently moaning. Looking into my eyes the little slut rubs her clit against my dick. Her wet pussy lips are sliding up and down the length of my throbbing cock. Her perfectly trimmed pussy feels so good that I almost nut on the spot, but I manage to push her away and get a taste of her pussy. Once I’ve thoroughly eaten her stunning slit, the tiny girl spreads her legs for me and waits for my thrusts. With all of my strength, I begin dicking her down in missionary as we stare into each other’s eyes lustfully. The second she starts begging for my load I lose control of my actions and I within a few pumps I realize I’ve creampied my student. Instead of being scared of the consequences of what might happen, the naked girl gets in reverse cowgirl to hump my meat again. As I feel her little bush rubbing up against me, my energy returns, and I’m ready for round two. Before putting it inside her cum filled pussy, she eagerly tastes the throbbing rod that has just busted a thick load into her. Although her blowjob skills are simply divine, I’m interested in feeling her vagina again, so I lay on my back as the naked girl goes into reverse cowgirl. Seeing her plump ass bouncing with passion and her mesmerizing bikini tan lines is enough to make me harder than ever in my entire life. I swiftly bend and arch her back as she looks at me over her shoulder with a look of fear and excitement. After ensuring her that everything will be fine and fondling her juicy tush, I start the intense doggy style without showing any mercy to her twat. Her moans quickly become screams of joy, and as I sense her sugar walls tightening, I push as hard as possible to make her orgasm. As the tiny naked girl shakes with my dick still in her, we share a passionate kiss and continue banging. I think that lovely little Emma is just about all I need in life. Well maybe that and an occasional beer every now and then. Those sweet little tits, perfect ass, tiny waist, amazing pussy, gorgeous legs and feet, lovely mouth full of dick. Magnificent!

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