Card reader and her lesbian girlfriend celebrates after winning big

Gamblers never succeed, but Leah has a card-reading trick that’s bulletproof. Luckily, her gorgeous girlfriend Kylie can memorize all of her teachings, so the two prepare before their night out. Once morning comes, Leah is woken up by the brunette who has returned with a stack full of cash. The sexy girls share a passionate kiss but things get a lot steamier once their hands wander down to their wet pussies. Within minutes of rubbing their clits, the lesbians strip completely nude and start eating each other’s dripping wet twats with joy. It doesn’t take long for Kylie to orgasm, cumming so hard all over her girlfriend’s face, as her girlfriend knows exactly how to push her buttons with her sloppy tongue skills. While her body is still shaking, she straddles her face and grinds her perfect snatch across her open mouth. As she feels her girlfriend’s juices covering her tongue, she sticks it even deeper in her slit as she continues to grind on her. The moment she feels her legs shake, she grabs them vigorously and doesn’t let her move away from her as she’s cumming. Her figure falls over while the chick is still sucking on her clit and licking her quivering sugar walls. Since they’ve won so much money, the lesbians celebrate by pulling out a huge black strapon that’s only used on special occasions. Within seconds of whipping it out, the rough cowgirl riding begins. Even though the girls both just came, their energy returns the second they feel the black sex toy pummeling their insides. Moans become extremely loud, but they don’t care since all they can think about is pleasing themselves. After intense cowgirl and doggy style, they’re finally at their limit and orgasm for the last time. The sweet lesbians end it the same way their raunchy adventure started, with a lovely kiss.

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