Blonde honey amateur sneaky sex during a family barbecue

It’s Sunday morning, and as any good son, I visit my family barbecue. My old man likes to throw one of these events every now and then. He invites the whole family and our neighbors over. Sure, sometimes the “old folks” vibes kill the atmosphere, but there’s always someone you can hang out with. Take my neighbor Juliette for instance. I haven’t seen her since she finished high school. Man, she’s a real woman now. She sees me, and after some small talk, she starts getting sexual. Not a minute passes, and this naughty neighborhood twat starts flashing her naked tits at me. I’m turned on, sure. Hell, I’m always turned on, but this is neither the time nor the place. We’re not even in a secluded place. My dad and her dad are just over there. She seems to have turned out quite an outgoing little slut. She gets on all fours before me and pulls my pants down. I try to hide the action from the old folks as best I can while she sucks my damn dick. She’s the type that doesn’t let up. I think maybe this sort of public action turns her on. Somehow, no one notices this oral sex action. Gags and moans can clearly be heard, but no one seems to notice us. By this point, I don’t want to stop her because she’s a damn good cocksucker. She’s fast, though. She says she’s an even better cowgirl and stands up. I don’t even know what she means at this point. “Can I sit in your lap?” she says loudly so everyone can hear. “Why not?” I say, totally oblivious that she means sitting on my dick with her wet and warm pussy. Not a second passes and my dick is in her vagina in squatting reverse cowgirl. I don’t even care about the others anymore because her pussy is too damn good, even better than her mouth. As I explore her insides, her best friend notices us and scolds us silently. We escape to the pool and continue our fucking fiesta. I feel much more relaxed here, so I take her bottoms off and finger her shaved pussy. We were interrupted again, obviously, so we had to relocate again. By this point, I just need to cum. Juliette also just wants me to cum. She pretends to grab some food, but what she really wants to eat is my dick. I give it to her behind the main table. She literally wants to swallow me hole before taking me into her pussy from the back. I enter that pussy with gusto, filling that pussy up good. She covers her own mouth to muffle her moans. The feeling of her pussy clenching around my meat in ecstasy and the view of her bubble ass is too much! I show her pussy no mercy and fill it up to the top. Juliette loves this and pulls her pants up. She promises to see me again, without our old folks, next time.

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