Lucky customer fucks two bored store clerks in the middle of the store

Have you ever had public sex? Brunette bombshell Sisi and her colleague Eden work at a local clothes store. The sexy girls are bored and just want to skip work for the beach. They’re two naughty girls who like fucking in their free time. Hell, they like it even during working hours! A guy walks in with his girlfriend, and these two horny harpies get the jump on him. Sisi walks by and flashes her thong and tits to him. The guy freezes but doesn’t back away. She takes him by the hand and leads him to a dressing room where her partner in crime is waiting. His girlfriend is completely oblivious to the fact that these two bitches are blowing her boyfriend’s big cock. Only gags and slurps can be heard from the booth as the girls suck his cock and lick his balls. One of the girls stands up, turns around, and pulls her panties down. Just as he brings his dick next to her pussy someone knocks on the changing booth. Eden rushes out, but Sisi stays with him. Sure enough, his dick is inside her wet cunt in a matter of seconds. He plows her from behind as any good customer should. The other slut joins them in a minute and drags them out of the booth to fuck right smack in the shop. The two new lovers continue fucking standing up, but only this time, they do it behind a row of t-shirts. Customers look on by, but everyone can see what’s really going on. Eden even lifts up her dress to make him play with her sweet black titties. He plows behind the counter her next. The naked girls take turns on his sweet cock, sucking and riding him like the sluts that they are. He likes Eden’s pussy better. He toys with it, putting his dick in little by little before he pulls out and cums on her. Her friend laps it all up as he lifts his pants up. “Honey, I’m done shopping,” his girlfriend says. Have you ever had sex in a public place?

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