Blonde bimbo leaves her Barbie Land to try a real big dick in the real world

This movie follows America’s most iconic doll as she leaves her sheltered life in “Barbie Land” behind and enters into the real world. Blonde minx is all dressed up in her sexy leather garters and a pink latex dress. Draped in a sexy pink outfit, the blonde bimbo is horny and ready for a real dick. The real Ken doesn’t waste any time. He approaches his fuck toy for tonight and pulls down her sweet little panties. He grabs her by the throat and gets in her face. You can hear him asking her softly, “Do you want to be my little slut?”. Of course, she says yes. Her mouth is watering for him. This Barbie slut wants to taste him bad. So what is a guy to do? He makes her get on her knees and suck him off. The blonde bimbo is eager to show off her sucking and gaging skills. She is so damn good that he literally feels the tip of his dick going numb from hitting the back of her throat that hard. He pushes her to the floor and makes her lift her left leg up in the air. He spoons that pussy like it’s his last. He plows his little submissive Barbie girl as fast and as hard as he can. Her pussy is already swollen after a few minutes, but he insists they keep fucking. First, he takes her in doggy and then from the back and standing up. The blonde can barely stand his tempo but keeps fucking him back. Moaning and screaming echo throught the room as he plows the naughty girl. She feels he’s getting close and waits for him to give her a sign. He says he’s going to cum in her mouth soon, and she agrees. The stud pulls out and fills his girl’s tonsils with this warm seed. The bimbo spits out and even swallows some. She has loved every second of it; from the first thrust of a real cock in her pink slit, to the load of warm sperm on her face!

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