Super hot stepsis rides my dick and makes me forget about my ex-girlfriend

Ever since my stepsis moved in with me, my life has been interesting, to say the least. She is pretty quirky, as I have seen her dancing in her room several times without any panties on, and it was a fantastic sight to behold. Her booty was exquisite, but I tried not to think about it too much as I have been in a committed relationship. This morning, I was getting ready for my date, trying to make my cock looks as pretty as possible, when my stepsis barged into the bathroom. As she was brushing her teeth, I could tell that she was looking in my direction way too often. Somewhere around the afternoon, I got a text from my girlfriend letting me know that she was dumping my ass. My stepsis was shocked to hear the news and was determined to make me feel better. She grabbed my cock and started to play with my balls. It felt really good that I didn’t even care where she picked up all those skills from. When she wrapped her juicy lips around my dick, I thought I could explode instantly. Before I could cum, she told me she had an idea of how I could get back at my ex-girlfriend. He went to her room and quickly returned in my girlfriend’s lingerie. Her tits and ass were looking incredibly good. She handed me her phone and told me to start taking pics as she got down and gave me a sloppy blowjob. As she was deep-throating me, I could tell that she was getting really excited as well. When she started performing an erotic striptease, I kept the camera on her, and I admired her beauty. Her big bubble butt looked absolutely amazing. As she mounted me, she maintained eye content. This felt incredibly hot, and she could feel my dick pulsating hard inside her. Her tits started bouncing, and she was riding me. The sight of her voluptuous jugs was enough to make me cum. However, I wanted to fuck her doggy style. I always prefer to cum on a girl’s big ass, and my stepsister was ok with it. The dirty talk made me cum like never before, and now I can send that video to my ex-girlfriend.

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