Hot sister’s friend who comes for slumber party fucks like crazy

Alex’s sister is having a slumber party. She is really happy to have several of her girlfriends over. The minute they arrive, he falls for her friend, the brunette stunner called Gizelle. He gawks at her right at the door. The girls talk about how much fun they are going to have, but Gizelle sees him looking. The girls carry on. They talk about the boys, order pizza, watch a movie, and prepare to go to bed. While they’re in their nightgowns in Mandy’s room, he passes by the door. He catches a glimpse of the sexy babe’s soft silky nighty, and it excites him immediately. He was compelled to take another look. Gizelle sees this, walks out, and faces him. He’s stunned, but she seduces him with her in-your-face approach. He goes along, but when she says she wants them to stay in the hallway, he starts shaking. They kiss tenderly at her initiative. He starts feeling up her nightly as her tiny nipples perk out of the white satin. However, Gizelle still has the initiative. She asks to see his dick. He is a bit shocked by this girl’s slutty attitude but doesn’t shy away. The beautiful sister’s friend gets on her knees, pulls his trousers down, and starts biting his hard-on through his pants. The cock sucking starts immediately. The girl slurps and gags so hard that he is convinced his sister can hear them through the door. The sucking goes on for quite some time, and he is lost in a myriad of wet pleasures. But he comes to his senses. He lifts her up from the floor by her elbows and leads her a few steps back until she’s up against the door to his sister’s room. He eats her out as she’s standing up. What an awesome body and the most perfect pink pussy I have ever seen! She moans, dropping her head back and grinding her pussy on his face. Gushing as she cums, her pussy leaks juices onto his face as he slurps and licks her. Then, he reaches down, takes her by the hand, and fucks her in doggy right smack on the floor. The girl moans as he slaps that ass hard. Gizzel is slowly losing herself in the moment. The thought of her girlfriend catching her excites her and drives her inner slut forward. The horny couple changes multiple positions on the floor. The look on her face says that she didn’t imagine it would be this good. Alex has all the initiative now because he’s got his girl very cock-drunk. He takes her from the back while standing up and then on a chair in doggy again. The naked girl almost yells out as he slaps her tits. The fun this liberated brave stud feels as he rides her is out of this world. He sits on the chair as she promises to try and put his entire dick in her little throat. Her little slutty eyes water as the cock all but disappears in her throat. He grows tired of this and puts her in a hot seat. Gizelle is pushing back so hard that it’s making Alex’s chair move. He pumps her in the chair in missionary until he sprays his hot load all over that sweet pussy. “Have a great slumber party Gizzelle.” “I’ll see you at breakfast.”, Alex barely utters.

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