Babysitter being naughty at work and fucked hard by big dick

The minute the angelic brunette Mia walked into Mr. Miles’ house, he knew she was too green for the job. They agreed for her to take care of his son while he was at work. The minute Miles walks out of the house and gets into his car – his phone starts vibrating. He never gets this many texts. When he picks up the phone and looks, he’s stunned. It’s Mia’s shaved little pussy, and naked ass spread all over his damn couch. The guy rushes back into the house and confronts her. The little zoomer girl is so ashamed but still naked and horny. Looking at her lovely teenage 18 year old pussy has made him so hard. The naked girl looks stunning! He whips his dick out and says if she’s any good at sucking it, he’ll let her off with a warning. The petite brunette sweetie gulps it down. What else is she gonna do? Right? Finally, poppa Miles can relax as his slutty naked babysitter gulps his huge staff down. He shoves her head down on it hard. Miles is mad but not selfish. He spins her around on the couch and eats her pussy. He stuffs her panties in her mouth to muffle the loud moans. After all, he doesn’t want his son to wake up. This licking soon turns into a missionary plowing session. This girl is a squirter. He is surprised. Mia feels even more ashamed, but her boss eases her. He wants her to pour her little pussy out. Her little tits bounce in cowgirl as Mr. Miles builds up to his own orgasm. Her pussy feels so good on his cock. So tight. So wet. With the cum fast approaching, he pulls out and sprays the little slut like a hung bull. “Next time, there will be hell to pay,” he says as Mia nods submissively.
Actors: MIA KAY

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