While his girlfriend plays video games this nerd got invited and has sneaky sex with her hot roommate

Having a gamer girlfriend sounds like a dream come true. Unfortunately for this nerd, all his girlfriend ever wants to do is play video games. Whenever he wants to get naughty with her, she turns him down because she is in the middle of her game. This time, when they were playing games over at her place, her roommate noticed how this dude was getting frustrated, so she wanted to play with him. As he was sitting on the couch with his girlfriend, the sexy babe flashed her juicy tits to get his attention. It’s been a while since he saw a pair of titties, so he was immediately aroused. While being careful, he stepped away from his girl and moved toward her hot roommate. When the blonde babe spread her legs and revealed her shaved pussy, it didn’t take him long to get his face in there and start to lick it. Despite not having sex for a very long time, his cunnilingus game was strong. The slutty roommate was struggling to keep quiet. She then got down and proceeded to suck his cock. The sounds coming from the games were so loud that she could give the loudest and sloppiest blowjob in the world, and the gamer girl would never know it. Feeling encouraged by this, the couple started to have sex. She turned his back to him and bent over so that he could penetrate her doggy style. Her big bubble ass looked amazing. He wasn’t being very gentle about it, in fact, he started plowing her hardcore the moment his cock felt the inside of her tight vagina. The sneaky teens tried missionary and sideways sex before his girlfriend decided she had enough gaming for one day. However, she didn’t see them having sex behind the couch, so they continued. Now fully naked babe could ride him right there on the living room couch.

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