For this babe playing the flute and sucking a large dick is almost the same

Josie is a talented young girl. She knows to do many things, but playing the flute is not one of them. She got into the college orchestra only because she looked super sexy in the uniform. As for the flute, well, it was driving her mom completely crazy. One day, while Josie was practicing the flute in the kitchen, her mom freaked out from all of that noise and sent her to her room. She also said her husband, who was Josie’s stepdad, she had important work to do and couldn’t concentrate on all the noise! He offered the girl an alternative for her to blow without bothering her mom. He convinced her it’s better to practice on his dick! Besides, ever since her mom married this handsome dude, Josie was eyeballing him. So when he pulled out his salami, she was all over it, mouth first. She was playing the cock like she was playing the flute. Then she began sucking and licking it like a teen whore. This chick is a genuine cock pleaser. Wow, this chick might be young, but she’s giving the best BJ he has ever had. As a matter of fact, she sucks dicks way better than her mom. Quite pleased by the development of the situation; the guy was watching the teen babe making love to his dick. Her mom finally got some focusing time until she started hearing a different kind of noise… In her daughter’s room her husband was shoving the flute into her teen’s pussy! Pulling the flute out of her pussy he stuck his hard dick in there. Her young pussy felt amazing, so warm, wet and tight. He pounded her hard and fast, the room filled with her moans and the sound of his hips slapping against her juicy ass. Her pussy clenched even tighter around my shaft as she began to cum. He splashed straight all over her face and let her keep playing the flute with her mouth full of cum.

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