Negative DNA results works as permission to seduce stepbro for hot blonde babe

Taking a DNA test goes horribly wrong for the cute blonde babe Chloe. She quickly realizes that her parents have actually adopted her, but instead of getting sad, she can’t help but get filled with lust. Now that she knows she’s not blood-related, she eagerly approaches her stepbro to break the news to him. Although he can’t believe it at first, after reading through the papers he is certain that Chloe hasn’t been his sister all along. Things escalate as the little slut begins lifting up her top and skirt to expose herself. Despite being reluctant, her stepbrother doesn’t leave the sofa and watches as she rubs her naked pussy, her wet lips and her tender clit with a sex toy while flirting with him. Seeing how her stepbro was getting hard gave her the courage to grab his hand and lay in on her perfect pussy. As she does, he slowly inserts his fingers into her and starts thrusting until he hears her moans. Instead of continuing he returns back into his room, leaving his naked stepsis by herself on the couch. Sometime later, she purposefully leaves the bathroom door slightly open when changing. The plan works perfectly seeing how he is already taking a peek at her. To make his dick extra hard she strips fully nude and caresses herself in front of the mirror before catching him. Rather than rub herself again, she drops to her knees and pulls out his throbbing cock. After staring at it and marveling at its size, the tiny naked girl musters up the courage to shove it in her mouth. Feeling her gentle lips and warm tongue slobber on his shaft makes his knees weak, but he manages not to nut too quickly. The girl drops her hands to the side and uses only her throat to please his stepbrother’s manhood. No matter how good her blowjob feels, he doesn’t want things to get out of hand so he pulls up his pants and leaves her once again. Before bed, she sneaks into his room and asks for cuddles, which he is glad to give her. What he doesn’t realize is that she’s got no panties on, and her plump ass is completely exposed. He still does as he’s told, but his boner soon becomes too big to ignore. As he whips it out, she looks over her shoulder and sensually begs for him to thrust into her. Unable to control his emotions any longer, he lifts his stepsister’s leg up and pounds her like he always wanted to. Upon switching between multiple positions, she whispers into his ears something he’ll never forget. After finding out she wants to feel his hot load fill her tight twat, he dicks her down harder than ever. Just as he’s about to cum, she spreads her legs wide and stares into his eyes as he fills her with every drop of jizz he’s been storing. He watches closely as thick cum, a lot of thick cum….more than he has ever came, begins leaking out of his stepsister’s gaping pussy, down her ass crack.

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