Unsatisfied athletic babe seduces her boyfriend’s two friends

To keep her body fit and thick, the Aussie blonde Barbie must work out and have sex constantly. She had a tight athletic body, a flat tummy, a tight round butt and killer legs! This woman is in better shape than most women at any time in their lives. Sadly, her boyfriend’s not as athletic as her and can’t keep up with her needs. While he’s downstairs watching TV with his buddies, the stunning chick desperately rubs her clit in order to orgasm. Despite begging him to fuck, he’s too exhausted to please her, but her luck is quickly about to change. While the three dudes sit around doing nothing, one of his friends decides to sneak upstairs. His dick goes into full alert when he sees his friend’s naked girlfriend, her gorgeous muscular body. As soon as he enters her room with his cock out, the young naked woman lifts him up to give him a passionate blowjob. She moans around it, sucking it deep in her throat, before pulling off and slowly jacking me off in one hand, squeezing his nutsack in the other. Using both her muscular hands hands, she is milking the boy. The muscles in her biceps bulging. She is stroking and occasional nibbling of his cock head. Then the naked athletic babe places his legs on her shoulders and starts fucking his prick with her mouth. He can’t believe his eyes! She has very strong legs, and when you use her legs to squeeze someone’s head, it’s a headscissors. She’s taken him in a facescissors and is opening and closing the vice of her meaty thighs on his head, making him suck on her big clit, rubbing her pussy into his nose and mouth. “Yeah, baby, mmmmmmmm….that’s it, that’s it, mommy gonna cum soon, all over your mouth!” she screams! She grounds her way to one thigh-throbbing, head-splitting orgasm, cascading her cummy cunt wash down his throat and locking up her calves above his back to pour on the involuntary pressure of her titanic cum crusade. No matter how much she loves his phenomenal tongue skills, she’s yearning for intense and deep penetration, so she swiftly arches her back and waits for him to start thrusting. Although the strong chick is stronger than him, he manages to spread her muscular pussy lips with his prick. The boy is trying his best to satisfy this gym queen. It’s not easy to make such a babe to cum! Whilst dicking her down in doggy style, they’re joined by the second friend who managed to sneak past her boyfriend. Although her man is downstairs and could catch them at any time, she’s unable to resist the temptation of having a threesome with two young cocks. As the two boys lie on their backs, the naked babe takes turns riding them with passion. It doesn’t take long for them to make her insides tighten and her athletic body shiver as she orgasms. Once they’ve satisfied her, it’s their turn to cum so they use her as a personal sex toy and rail her relentlessly. Instead of busting their nuts one at a time, they shower her mouth and face with their hot load simultaneously.
Actors: BARBIE

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