Slutty skinny brunette gives her man the taste of her sweetest cookie in the kitchen

The brunette teen wants to be a good housewife and bake her man some cookies, but the only thing she knows how to do in the kitchen is masturbating. She gets on the kitchen counter and starts to flick her bean. She even pulls her pussy lips out through the hole in her fishnet tights. At one moment, her hubby comes by and catches her in the act. He is not even mad that he isn’t getting any cake because he will taste the sweetest cookie there is – her juicy little cunt. Sexy teen girl spreads her legs wide and lets him drag his tongue all over her crotch. Once he starts to hit her clitoris, she begins to moan loudly. Feeling incredibly horny, the brunette babe tells her man to get on the kitchen counter so that she can mount him. She slowly climbs on top of him and gets on his erect penis. It is pulsing with desire, and she can feel it deep inside her. As the sexy babe moves her hips up and down, they both feel ecstatic. Then she climbs down and beds over the chair and tells him she wants it hardcore from behind. Doggy style is his favorite position, too, so he grabs her waist and fucks her hard. His hips are slapping against her ass cheeks with each full thrust. He then turns her around and proceeds to nail her in missionary. The sound of her moaning, not to mention the feeling of her tight, wet, pussy wrapped around his cock has him about ready to cum. She clenches her pussy walls around his thick throbbing cock as he groans loudly and his cum pulses deep inside of her tummy.

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