Teaching lesson to stepdaughter who asks for the contraceptive pills

Like every other girl her age, this 18-year-old beauty is all about partying. But one day, she went over the line. She says her stepdad that she needs a ride to the pharmacy. She confesses she needs to buy some emergency contraceptive pills, because some guy came in her at the party. Her stepdad is furious – she has lost her virginity at a party to a complete stranger! “well…. not exactly… I didn’t lose my virginity tonight, that is.” He is looking at her stone-faced “How many times have you had sex?!” he asks. Throwing her onto the living room couch, he decides to treat his step-daughter like the slut she is. He bends the girl over his lap and begins spanking her tooshie. Through the punishment, he feels something in his pants. Strong sexual puls rips through his dick. He never has sexual thoughts about his stepdaughter, but the spanking makaes him really horny. Incredulous at the size of her skimpy panties, he rips them off! He spreads her cute ass cheeks to get better views of her young pussy and asshole. He hasn’t gotten laid since her mother died, and he can use his stepdaughter’s warm holes now. He tells her that she is going to be his warm hole now, whipping out his prick! The girl is shocked – no fucking way! The creepy, perverted stepdad is taking it too far, it is disgusting. He points out that just earlier, she was asking him to treat her as an adult. What can be more adult than fucking? So the girl takes his big dick with her small hands and shoves it in her mouth. Feeling the length of it, she is quite pleased. Never in her young life has she felt a dick that big in her mouth. Gorging on every inch, the teen slut feels the juice oozing from her tight pussy. The stepdad feels it too. It is too much for him. Now he wants to fuck that tight pussy. His dad has had the first right to fill those holes! She should happily open her legs and present her holes to her papa! Thrust upon thrust, the guy works his way int the girl’s young pussy. She moans, grasping for air, while her eyes are popping out. He starts pounding balls deep into her. Now the girl is having the strongest orgasm of her life and screaming out loud. The horny stepdad continues to fuck her hard long after that. Love how he fills her pink pussy with all that cum deep inside.

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