Getting lucky with a blonde hot doctor in the middle of a medical exam

Men often fantasize about fucking a hot doctor. But this lucky guy doesn’t have to fantasize anymore. After coming to a doctor for an annual medical check-up, he finds himself in his own dirty fantasy. It turns out that the doctor is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen! When she leaves the examination room, the guy starts to jerk off to a medical diagram of a woman’s genitalia on the wall. But when the doctor comes back, he gets caught fapping! Totally embarrassed, he shoves the erect dick back in his pants. But the doctor is persistent. She wants to check his penis. The doctor puts on a pair of medical gloves so she can touch his penis all over. She says everything about his cock seems healthy, but she’s going to check it more thoroughly just to be sure. With that, she starts ‘examining’ his dick with her tongue, and then her whole mouth. The hot blonde succumbs to temptation and swallows the dick. One gulp after another, and she can feel it growing in her mouth. Gagging and swallowing the dick whole, the doctor reveals her true nature. Two horny people occupying the same room can lead only to one thing – intense sex! So the blonde takes off her clothes. Her amazing body looks like a cock pleaser. Bent over the table, she enjoys a glamorous cunnilingus. Her pussy is now dripping wet and crazing penetration. So the guy shoves his dick. He feels like it is about to explode in the doctor’s delicious pussy. But he somehow manages to keep it together. They go through all standard positions – doggy, cowgirl, then some more deep-throating, and they end up locked in sideways fucking. A close-up of the doctor’s pussy getting filled with some really hard dick is absolutely mesmerizing. She screams and moans, enjoying every inch of the dick. It’s been a while since someone fucked her so well. Teased by the penetration, her pussy contracts and gripping the dick and making it splash. Where is this medical examiner located? I too need a pre employment medical!
Actors: Emma Hix

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