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Nerdy Step Sister Welcomes brother with her hairy cunt and warm mouth

I was delighted to be back from college. I missed my family, and I especially missed seeing my red-headed stepsister. While our family was taking care of the barbecue, she asked me how I was feeling. We struck up a simple conversation, which soon turned highly naughty. My little slut had to remind me that we weren’t family and it was okay for her to drop to her knees and take my cock into her mouth. The counter provided an excellent cover-up, and our family couldn’t see what she was doing to me. It felt good to have her mouth wrapped around my length. I felt my cock throb in her mouth and I was sure she wanted me to cum in her mouth. But we stopped when they were getting suspicious and moved onto the patio, where we set opposite each other. She opened her legs and stuck her fingers into her cunt. It felt like she was taunting me to do something, and I called her over to continue with her blowjob. Everyone had their backs turned so they couldn’t see a thing. I moved to a more secluded spot in the backyard, where my stepsister told me she wanted me to fuck her. My stepsister spread her legs and pulled me by my cock until I was against her very wet cunt. I finally pushed my cock into her dripping pussy. Her cunt was hairy and I was so hard because women with hairy pussies turn me on. She was even better than I imagined. I let her fuck herself on my length and praised every movement she made. It turned her on even more, and she enthusiastically slid my cock in and out. It was time to go inside, and we hid behind a wall where she bent over, and I stuck my cock inside again. My slutty sister looked over her shoulder at my face, and I got even hornier seeing her fucked out expression. It was naughty trying not to get caught by our family, but I had to take her to my room. We were on my bed soon after, and she bent over into doggy style. I let her fuck herself on my cock again. Her moans and squeaks filled my room, and I tried to silence her so we wouldn’t get caught. I couldn’t hold myself back anymore, and I slammed into her cunt at a fast pace. She was waiting for me to take over control, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as soon as my thrust picked up the speed. I turned my naked sister around and pushed her onto her back before slamming inside her again. She took my hands and interlaced our fingers. It was more intimate than I imagined it to be. I wanted to try out another position, so I pulled her up and let her straddle my lap in reverse cowgirl. She spread her slender legs over my thighs, and I grabbed them with my hands. There was no time to be gentle anymore, so I roughly pushed up my hips, and my cock bottomed out. My balls were slapping her ass with every thrust I made. Soon enough, I came into her sweet pussy while she rolled out her climax. I should go back home more to enjoy her delicious cunt.

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