Instead of watching football girlfriend cheats on her clueless boyfriend behind his back

While it’s football season the blonde makes sure to wear her favorite jersey and hang around with her boyfriend. She excitedly goes downstairs to tease her man but he’s too invested in the game to care. As she sits between him and his buddy, she can’t help but get excited. No matter how much she tries to grab his attention, he’s simply focused on the game far too much. Since she can’t get through to him, she switches over to his friend. Whilst her boyfriend’s not looking, she slowly lifts up her top and flashes her perfect perky tits. Despite being shocked at her actions, he manages to maintain his erection. To tease him even more the slut lays on her back, spreads her legs, and exposes her cut-out panties! His eyes can’t look away and she slowly grabs his hands and puts them on her crotch, right on her pussy lips and her hot throbbing clit. Feeling her wet pussy made his cock rock hard in an instant, so they sneakily move behind the sofa for more privacy. As the blonde bends over he drops to his knees and eagerly eats out her sopping fanny. She attempts to hold in her moans so as to not alert her man, but the longer he licks her clit the harder it becomes for her to stay calm. Right as she’s about to orgasm he moves away and pushes her further into the sofa.

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