Stepbro helps two naughty stepsisters get into same college

Besides being stepsisters, the two gorgeous babes are also besties who do everything together. Their next endeavor is getting into the same law school, for which they’re eagerly awaiting to receive their results. Unfortunately, when they come, it turns out only the blonde hottie managed to get in, while her brunette stepsis didn’t have the same luck. Soon the girls discover that their stepbrother is friends with the Dean’s son and beg him to vouch for them with him. The two realize they still have a chance to be together in college, but their hopes are quickly shattered. Instead of helping his stepsisters out, he wants something in return, and by putting their hands on his cock he makes sure they know what it is. They reluctantly drop to their knees, but as he whips out his long penis the two are in shock! Even though it’s their stepbrother, the girls can’t help but become soaking wet from seeing how huge he is! After inspecting it for a few moments, the teen babes start slobbering on it simultaneously, making him even harder than before. Although they’ve started off with a blowjob, it doesn’t take long for their mouths to become accustomed to his giant manhood and soon they’re deepthroating it with ease. The girls pull off their panties displaying their young pussies. As they jump in bed, the naked girls take turns sitting on his face and are amazed at how good he is at eating pussy. After moments of grinding on his face, the naughty blonde starts quivering as she has her first orgasm. The threesome has just begun, and he is already aching to thrust into his brunette stepsis in doggy, so she arches her back and lets him pummel her from behind. With each thrust, he gets an inch further into her little twat until he’s completely stretching her out. Their moans echo through the house, but luckily nobody is home but the three of them, and the teens can scream as much as they want. As to not make his other stepsis jealous, he tells her to prepare for missionary and stares at her as she puts her feet behind her head. Without hesitation, he switches to her and dicks her down with all of his strength. Whenever he pulls out to catch his breath, the tiny girl is quick to grab his shaft and suck off her stepsister’s juices from it. His cock sliding from one little cunt to the other. Simultaneously, their young pussies convulse and they both have an orgasm. Hearing their loud moans and seeing how desperate they were for his huge rod made him lose control, but he managed to pull out and not creampie his own stepsister. As he does, he sprays them with his hot load before telling them he’ll talk to his friend about their issue.

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