Blonde girlfriend turns into an orgasm machine cause of tickets to Paris

Rich people love living with style. Who can blame them? Who wouldn’t want a perfect blonde girlfriend like the wide-eyed slender kitten Jill? The young fitness entrepreneur Maximo is one such lucky bastard. He has it all: a nice lofty apartment, money in the bank, a couple of fine cars, and a pair of plane tickets he can’t wait to give to Jill. Tomorrow morning, after a night of sweet lovemaking, does he show her the tickets to Paris. She loves gifts. So, he decides to gift her a nice long cunnilingus. Her fine-trimmed pussy is still a bit sore from last night, but she doesn’t say no. He laps up all the juices that come out of that pussy like a hungry dog. The beautiful naked girl cums in his mouth at least once. He shows her his huge cock and immediately sticks it in. This is no lovemaking but rough fucking at its finest. He knows his girl loves this shit. He pauses only to put some oil on her and spin her around. Jill doesn’t even know what hit her, and she’s already back in the game. Her man is fucking her in doggy and commanding her body like some cruel and passionate dom. She loves every second of it. Of course, he falls over her, and they end up in prone bone. She soon expresses a desire to suck her juices off his cock. She is working her head up and down and letting the head of his cock slide deep over her tongue. Just imagine this beauty sucking your cock and greedily licking your balls! In between mouthfuls she asks him to spank her ass, and he eagerly does as he is asked. He can feel her submission as he makes her gag again and again, seeing the discomfort on her face but still going on. He loves that she’s a fighter for him. So, he rewards her with more cock. He takes her in cowgirl and makes her do some sexy squats on him later. Jill’s forbidden asshole is spread wide open as he takes the initiative and fucks her from beneath. He pounds her so deep and hard, you can hear how hard his balls hit her asshole. Maximo is a real sex machine. He loves plowing and hammering his perfect girl. The pair is all sweaty now. The sheets are all wet, but they don’t mind. The shy small girl and the gentle giant from the night before are long gone. Now, it’s just the two of them, fucking like the animals they are. He stops for a while to suck her pussy some more. Jill loves these brief moments of respite. She lets him lay her on the side and slowly but surely pick up the pace and spoon hard. Her pussy is so sore by this point, but she can feel every thrust, and she’s dying to get that sperm. So, he pulls out, makes her get on her knees, and gives her a nice big facial. We told you! Rich folk really know how to live with style.

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