Desperate blonde housewife enjoying multiple squirting orgasms all over her masseur

It’s Friday, the first of the month. It’s a well-known fact that in the house of Mrs. Edge, Friday is a day for a massage treatment. This blonde MILF seems like the kind of person you’d like to have in your neighborhood. Honest, hard-working, friendly, happily married, and well-mannered. She does have one problem, though. After four workdays of hell in the office, she gets home she can’t get any sexual relief. Her husband just doesn’t provide anymore, and that frustrates the hell out of her. Well, he’s got another thing coming because today, Mrs. Edge is going to fuck her masseur’s brains out. And, well, has a huge dick in his pants. The beautiful naked woman gets on the table and lies down on her chest. As he rubs the oil in, she twists her hips up as if she’s arching to make him see her undercarriage. He takes a hint and pours warm oil on her asshole and pussy. It’s as if her crotch opened up to release a huge wave of sexual energy. He’s had clients, horny MILFs, like her before. That’s why he brought a large vibrator. She turns on her back and spreads her legs as he presses the vibrator to her clitoris. She moans and jerks about violently and cums several times like this. Her pussy starts squirting! He removes the vibrator as her cum squirts out of her pussy high in the air! The masseur keeps massaging her wet pussy and brings her to another squirting orgasm. She takes the initiative, grabs him, and pulls his pants down. He lays down on the massage table to the sight of a pair of mature blue eyes watering because of his huge dick inside her throat. The naked woman worships that dick and shoves it as far down as she can. Her pussy is so wet after her orgasms that his dick slides balls deep into her vagina. Her pussy is stretched to its limits by this cock. She feels every inch and dares him to fuck her harder. This game makes her cum again, of course. Squirt gushes out in a huge jet as it covers the guy but her as well. After a minute of respite, they both climb onto the massage table, and he takes her in doggy style and then in cowgirl. Mrs. Edge just can’t stop cuming, squirting hard all over his dick like a garden hose. Her body is on a roll! She moans, screams gnashes her teeth, and squirts on his chest and mouth, holding some of the liquid back, so it wouldn’t splash all over the young man’s face. He is amazed. He’s never had sex like this before. The mature woman inspires him to do a little squirting of his own. So, the young man pulls out and pushes her head down on his throbbing dick. The MILF head almost makes it to his dick before he cums explosively, covering her face and spilling into her mouth. Friday, the first of the month, is Pristine Edge’s new sex day now!

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