Blonde stepdaughter does not want to study but enjoy sex with old stepdad

School is out all summer, but not for Chloe. The girl must study all summer long because she was awful in her last semester. The stepdaddy tries to help but confesses that he can’t get between Chloe and her mother. The old hag has been hassling him for quite some time now, and he isn’t about to get into another fight with her just because Chloe hates studying. Moreover he has a jerky boss who didn’t give him vacations as well. Both are angry because the only one who seems to be able to go out to have fun at the beach, shopping, etc, is Chloe’s mom, so he suggests some alternatives for him and Chloe to have fun. His dick does feel nice through his pants, and it’s really hard for her. When he whips it out, the girl is on her knees, working for that sperm with her mouth and throat. He grabs her hair and guides her head down on it. Her mother walks in, but the little slut hides behind the kitchen island. She keeps sucking her stepdad quietly, as her mom bitches as usual. The girl is wild, so they move to the living room. Chloe sees if the coast is clear. He lies down, and the sexy teen blonde sits on his dick. His dick feels amazing balls deep into her pussy. But her mother interrupts them again. However, now they don’t have time to hide. Chloe just covers him with her little backpack. She plays dumb for her mom as she still fucks her dad a bit. The pair wait for her to leave and go to the bedroom. This is a big thing for the teen babe because she’s going to fuck her stepdad till she squirts all over his dick. The old pervert takes all of his clothes off and spoons his girl. Sure enough, here’s his wife, asking him if he’s seen Chloe. He hides her under the sheets and says he’s just laid down for a short nap. His boring wife finally leaves, and he fucks Chloe openly. His sexy naked stepdaughter is empowered by this conspiracy. She takes him from behind until he’s ready to cum. He pulls out and releases a load in her little mouth. Chloe says this is her best summer!

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