Two slutty hot nurses help sperm donor cum so much while his girlfriend outside

First-time sperm donor Zac goes to a sperm clinic with his girlfriend. One of the nurses, a hot brunette nurse whose name is Aria, is determined to collect his sample. She has a firm bubble butt, nice small titties and a beautiful face. To make him cum like a bull she takes him to another room, away from his oblivious girlfriend. As she explains the procedure to Zac, she strips her bottoms and teases him with her juicy ass. He just can’t resist its call and pokes her asshole with a pen! Aria isn’t the least bit surprised. On the contrary, she’s pleased that he took the bait. She measures his long stiff penis like a trained professional. Then the nurse leads him into the sperm donation process by jerking his cock for a while. She even sucks it just to get it lubricated. The dude is quite pleased with the treatment he’s getting in this clinic. Her colleague Lulu, a sexy Asian teen babe, soon joins them. Lulu isn’t your everyday nurse. She’s a hot little brunette with a gorgeous little ass and lovely hairy pussy. Her job at the clinic is specifically drawing sperm from donors. She teams up with Aria as the girls both suck Zac’s hard dick. The sperm nurses take turns sucking his dick and kissing his balls. Soon enough, he takes the initiative and lifts little Lulu in the air by her thighs. Her legs are spread wide open, and her little tits are pressed against his chest. He penetrates her Asian tight pussy and pounds her as the other cum slut plays with his balls. She sucks his dick as it goes into the squirting cunt. Aria is eager to ride the cock she sucked and jerked so much. He makes her straddle him like a pornstar.

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