The naughty blonde babe seduce me with her open crotch shorts

For my final job of the day I need to fix some guy’s sink, so I rush and ring the bell to get it over with. Instead of a man, the door is opened by a perfect young blonde who welcomes me inside. It turns out that her dad isn’t there, but I can start working right away which works fine for me. While working things become quite hot, but luckily the beautiful young girl comes over and gives me a bottle of cold water to cool off. As she moves the bottle away from her crotch she reveals her perfect twat! Her denim shorts are crotchless! Without even having time to react the teen babe flashes her tits and grinds her naked pussy on my throbbing cock. Seeing how her dad isn’t here yet, I flip her around and have a taste of her wet pussy. She quickly returns the favor by giving me the best blowjob I’ve ever received in my life. Before I bust in her mouth I pull her chin up and order her to climb on top, which she does so with joy. While riding my shaft the girl talks dirty like the naughty babe that she is, but I don’t let her take all of the control. As I put her on the kitchen counter she spreads her legs instinctively and starts begging for my load. Although I know I shouldn’t, I can’t help but thrust into her with the image of her creampied pussy in my mind. Within a few seconds, I fill her tight cunt with every drop of my cum, but I’m somehow still hard even though I’m exhausted. As she arches her back and points her booty up, I am instantly revitalized and ready to continue dicking her down doggy style until she has an orgasm as well. Being a plumber and a handyman gives me more pussy than all those IT nerds can dream!

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